The air mobility revolution, a dream of mankind,
has now arrived

To the world that everyone dreams of
Making people’s lives better

As a pioneer in the new mobility era of eVTOL, AirMobility Inc. aims to create a future in which you can travel directly via personal sustainable aircraft. We are estabishing the necessary supporting infrastructure

Bringing together professionals from various industries
To build an airmobility platform to make eVTOL society a reality!

Our platform seamlessly coordinates sales of eVTOL products with our partner companies. We can support global companies wishing to enter the Japanese market. We also aim to build a platform for third parties to provide services related to eVTOL, and to contribute to safe and easy navigation.We will continue developing various services to support eVTOL operations.


2021.10.21  News  
Notice of Interview Article in the Information Media “Digital Shift Times”
AirMobility Inc. and Bartini Inc. sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for representation in Japan.”
2021.09.22  News  
Notice of Office relocation.
2021.09.17  News  
On Wednesday, October 6th, Asai,President and CEO of AirMobility Inc, will be in conversation with Mr. Hachimine, Chairman of Digital Shift, Inc.
Notice of Adoption of the “cre-mie-tive” Demonstration Support Project in Mie Prefecture.
AirMobility Inc. of Japan signs distribution agreement with Dufour Aerospace of Switzerland based aircraft manufacturer.
AirMobility Inc. of Japan signs distribution agreement with Dufour Aerospace of Switzerland based aircraft manufacturer.
2021.06.18   News  
Website refreshed
2021.06.18   News  
AirMobility Inc. present to witness first outdoor flight of an eVTOL in Japan.
2021.04.20   News  
Seminar "When Will eVTOL become a reality? "will be held.
2021.04.08 PressRelease
Investment received and business parrtnership secured with Chodai Co.
Teradrone and AirMobility Inc. form business alliance for Social Implementation of eVTOL
AirMobility Inc. Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, and Mie Prefecture concluded a comprehensive agreement on verification experiments and implementation of eVTOL.
AirMobility Inc. invited to witness first test flight of Volocopter eVTOL in Singapore
AirMobility Inc. established on August 1 for the implementation of eVTOL Products and Services

As a rapidly growning pioneer we have a range of opern roles, consider joining our team.

We are working hard every day to build an infrastructure for eVTOL that will lead the world from Japan. This is a completely new industry, and we are building a market that no one has ever experienced before. We still need more new ideas. Why not join us in making the industrial revolution of the 21st century come true?