Industrial drone e-commerce site “AeroBuy” is launched

Press Release

AirMobility Inc.(Minato-Ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Hisashi Asai)opens industrial drone e-commerce site,” AeroBuy” ( on May 30, 2023.

1.Background of opening “AeroBuy”

New rules for drones (unmanned aircraft) were introduced on December 5, 2022. These new rules cover technical certification, pilot license and operation. As a result, flight beyond visual line of sights in manned area has become possible, in addition to the current level 1-3.
As the scope of drone use is expected to expand in the future, there is an increasing requirement by companies considering how to operate drones efficiently. To meet this requirement, AirMobility Inc. has decided to open “AeroBuy”, to enable the easy comparison of drone specifications.

2.Overall “AeroBuy”

“AeroBuy” ( is an industrial drone e-Commerce site. The user can search appropriate drones by manufacturer name, price, use-case and other specifications.
AeroBuy also provides information on leasing, insurance and the latest updates and news about drones.
AirMobility Inc., operator of “AeroBuy” can assist customers with their selection of the most suitable drone, based on an understanding of the customer’s requirements.
Initially, AeroBuy currently sells drones manufactured by EAMS ROBOTICS Co.,Ltd., Prodrone Co., Ltd. and Aero G Lab Co., Ltd.

【For inquiries regarding this matter】
Contact person:Mr. Fukuda / Ms. Uchida
TEL:+81 3-6273-1288

Press Release:20230530_Press Release_AeroBuy


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