Visit by Kyoto Municipal Saikyo Junior High School, attached to Saikyo Senior High School


On December 9, 2022, four students from Kyoto Municipal Saikyo Junior High School (attached to Saikyo Senior High School) visited AirMobility’s Headquarters in Akasaka, taking the opportunity on their Tokyo Study Trip to think about the “reality of their future”.
Prior to the visit, one of the students contacted us directly to explain the topic they would like to discuss – “A future with flying cars around us”, and to schedule the office visit.

During the meeting, our CEO, Hisashi Asai, answered their many questions, talking in detail about the important topics of safety and the social acceptability of flying cars.
At the end of two hour discussion, they commented that “We feel flying cars are closer to us than before. We look forward to seeing flying cars become more popular in the future.”

AirMobility will continue to support such activities to increase the awareness and public acceptance of flying cars.

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