Presentation at the Seminar in Flying Car Technology Event


N-PLUS “Flying Car Technology” was held at Tokyo Big Site from September 28 to 30, 2022.

More than 200 visitors attended the organizer’s seminar “The Latest Trends in Flying Cars” on September 29, where our President and CEO Hisashi Asai made presentation. He introduced the latest developments in various businesses we are promoting, including Medical Doctor Flying Car, 50/50 Drone Logistics, eVTOL Import and Sales Platform, KCMP (Key Component Market Place), system infrastructure development for eVTOL, AirNavi and Intelligent Vertiport. Among others, the KCMP (Key Component Market Place) Project attracted the attention of many participants. The project aims to support the growth of related industries by speedily matching overseas eVTOL/drone aircraft manufactures with Japanese parts, materials and component suppliers.

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