Seminar “When Will eVTOL become a reality? “

NEWS Press Release

When Will eVTOL Become a Reality? (Introduction to eVTOL) Seminar
Free online seminar to be held on May 14 (Fri.)
~From the mechanism of eVTOL to the issues to be solved and the status of demonstration experiments
AirMobility Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hisashi Asai) is aiming to implement eVTOL in society as soon as possible, and as part of this effort, we will be holding a seminar entitled “When will eVTOL become a reality? (Introduction to eVTOPL)” will be held on Friday, May 14.
This lecture will follow the lecture he gave at the “Flying Car Technology” exhibition, Japan’s first eVTOL exhibition, in November 2020, and at the “Symposium 2021 for the Promotion of the Air Mobility Revolution” in Mie Prefecture.

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