AirMobility Inc. and Bartini Inc. sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for representation in Japan.

Press Release

AirMobility Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, President & CEO: Hisashi Asai), a company that develops a platform for sales and services of eVTOL, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to represent Bartini, a US manufacturer of eVTOL.

Bartini, Inc was founded in 2017 with its Head Quarters in the US. Bartini’s aircraft are characterized by high energy efficiency and performance with redundancy for safety, and of course vertical takeoffs and landings. Using hydrogen-electric powertrain, Bartini aircraft aims to achieve a range up to four times greater than that of a battery-powered aircraft.

The aerodynamically refined shape of the cabin not only improves flight efficiency, but also provides an elegant design, roominess and bespoke passenger comfort. The propellers are shielded to ensure safety and to make the journey quieter.

Bartini has a team of aeronautical engineers with many years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, certification and maintenance of aircraft.

【Comments from Mr. Ilya Khanykov, CEO of Bartini Inc.】

“We are delighted to be represented by AirMobility in Japan, which is a market of significant importance for urban and regional air mobility. I know that Japan values the environment, community, safety, high quality innovations and aesthetics which we present in our battery electric and hydrogen fuelcell powered VTOL aircraft. AirMobility is providing us with access to vital underlying infrastructure and operators interested in our aircraft and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.” 

【Comment by Mr. Hisashi Asai, CEO of AirMobility Inc.】

“AirMobility very pleased to be representing Bartini Inc. Its aircraft design and range are class leading backed by an impressive team. We are in discussions with major operators who have expressed interest in the product. We only represent a select group of complimentary vertical aircraft which are developed to the necessary exacting standards to succeed in Japan. We are convinced that an eVTOL based on the company’s technology will help to solve congestion and pollution.”

Recently, the topic of eVTOL has been frequently discussed in the media, and a transportation service using eVTOL is planned to be provided at the Osaka World Expo in 2025 if feasible. AirMobility Inc is providing considerable input to local governments about the development of services using eVTOLs. The eVTOL sector is making progress and expanding, the needs are also diversifying, and the big challenge is how to provide eVTOLs that meet those missions. AirMobility has signed this MoU with Bartini in order to provide an eVTOL to meet these needs. Together with Dufour and VRCO, with whom AirMobility has already concluded an agreement and purchase option, AirMobility believes that it will be able to establish a system that can respond to a variety of market needs.

■Bartini’s eVTOL features

Bartini uses the blended wing-body to reach speeds of 300 km/h (162 knots) and provide aerodynamic lift in cruise mode for added flight efficiency. As the horizontal velocity increases after the take-off the four propulsors tilt perpendicular to the ground. Each propulsor is shrouded and comprises two electric motors and fans. The eVTOL shall be available in four modification: two-seater, four-seater, each powered by lithium battery or a hydrogen fuel cell. The lithium battery option is designed to cover a range of 150 km in a 30-minute flight. The hydrogen fuel cell option will increase the range to 550 km over two hours of flight. Bartini combines the long flight range and passenger comfort with utility of short ground time, low noise and compact footprint to bring passengers closer to their destination. The aircraft is designed for autonomous and in-cabin operation, no single point of failure, and highest safety certification standards for passenger aircraft.

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